Types of Recliner


If you are searching recliner chairs, know that they come in three different styles. All of them have different uses, therefore it is important to know which category caters your needs the best.

  1. Two-Position Recliner

The two position recliner is a tradition design that features an unleashing foot rest mechanism which allows the user to completely recline. The majority of the two-position recliner come in leather- whether real or processed. Recently these types of recliners have also started to come in vinyl which easily matches different types of interior. The vinyl ones are also cheaper compared to the leather ones.

The only disadvantage of a two-position recliner is the availability of color and fabric. The warranty of two-position recliner lasts not more than a year.

  1. The Rocker Recliner

In comparison to the two-position recliner, the rocker recliner chair is more popular and hence widely available in the market. The mechanism of it allows you to rock the seat, while features a variety of reclining angles. Rocker recliner also has a wall-saver option which gives you the benefit of position your chair close to the wall. It is ideal for small rooms. It does not cluster the room and is visually comforting. It is available in both vinyl and leather. It is available in different colors and fabrics. The warranty period lasts longer than five years.

The only disadvantage is that it is much more expensive compared to the two-position chair. The wall saver option does not come with a rocking mechanism.

  1. Simple Recliner

A simple recliner only reclines towards the back and therefore is mostly used for footrest. It is a great option for casual sitting and to add a new touch to the room. These recliners come in a variety of sleek and attractive designs. Most of the push back simple recliners are in leather, which makes them the most expensive and the most stylish at the same time. Push back recliners come in customized detailed designs including piping and trimming. The biggest advantage of this style is that it is available in different styles which allows you to place them anywhere in the house. Being versatile, you can always move it here and there. The disadvantage again is that it does not recline. It fails to fulfil the purpose of all-out recliner. Push back recliner chairs are also the most expensive when it comes to their shipping overseas.