What are beacons and how they benefit businesses

Beacons are battery-powered small Bluetooth enabled devices which send out a continuous signal via a Bluetooth low energy antenna. This signal is picked up by a smartphone, tablet or related devices if they are within a short range of the beacons. Your smartphone can pick up the signal and display messages or notifications only if it has the relevant apps installed.

A large number of businesses are using beacons to track the location of their customers. This location awareness device as such presents marketers with an excellent opportunity to send contextually relevant push notifications to user devices. Personalized messages like birthday wishes, greetings, information about upcoming events, offers, etc., generate customer loyalty which in turn can help businesses increase their sales and revenue.

Studies show that a person is three times more likely to open a push notification in comparison to a standard notification. The reason for this could be that since beacons work within close range (few feet to few meters); customers feel the message they are receiving could be more relevant to their present activities.

Beacons and other location technologies

Bluetooth beacons allow marketers to connect effortlessly with customers in physical locations and have already proven their worth as an invaluable tool in helping businesses interact efficiently with their present and potential customers. We must remember, though, that beacons are not the only element in the location technology universe.  It as such makes it important to understand the role of various location technologies and the place of beacons amongst them.


GPS is accurate but limited by its dependence on satellite communication. Its functionality diminishes if you are inside a building or room.


It is another technology which accurately determines the location. However, you need permission to connect with other devices hampering the frequency of engagement


Beacons operating on BLE technology provide the greatest accuracy.  They also do not need pairing with other devices for communication. Beacons consume less power and are easily deployable. In fact, beacons can operate for years on standard coin-cell batteries.

RFID Asset Tracking System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), asset tracking system, offers real-time asset tracking for their entire life cycle. These asset tracking systems are proving their worth in a wide variety of industries operating in different sectors. For example, law enforcement agencies have to keep close track of their assets like firearms, vehicles, evidence, and other equipment. Loss of any vital evidence can result in extensive damages. Law enforcement agencies as such can work with RIFD to keep a close track of their assets.