ASO tips to boost your app marketing strategy

ASO tips to boost your app marketing strategy

ASO and strategies related to app marketing

App store optimization is a process which ensures that your app gets ranking in app store and occupies the top position of a search. In order to have better ranking of the app the marketer has to follow certain fixed strategies. Here we will discuss the top ASO tips which are helpful in boosting your app marketing strategy.

Try to understand your customer and your competition

It is important for you to know your customer and competition. As far as the ASO strategy is concerned you should know how your app is used by your customers. In addition you should also have idea about your competitive market. There are certain questions which you can ask yourself which will help you to know your customer in a perfect way.

You should know that what language is used by your customer, how they find your app and what are the keywords that are targeted by your competitors and so on.

It is also very important to do a survey of your competition so that you can identify the keywords that are being targeted by the apps that are similar to your app. It is here that you will be able to know that whether you can target the same keywords or you can use different keywords.

Choose the right app name

If you have a unique name does not carry the impression that it is just good for branding.  If you want to get good results with ASO you should include right keywords in your title. If you want that your app should be clearly identified then you should keep the name short and simple.

In addition it will be good if you can use characters that are URL friendly in your title.

Create a compelling description

As far as the description of your app is concerned it should focus on the customer base instead of the index of the search engine. Your description should not be viewed less than a call to action for genuine customers. You should describe about its function in simple and easy language. You should also list the benefits it offers and try to convince the reader to download it.

These are some of the popular app store optimization tips which are very helpful in promoting the app marketing strategy.