Sister Cities of Burnaby

Burnaby4 is a city in Canada that has close connections to other places around the world. On this article, we will explore the sister cities to which it has the strongest bonds. They have a constant cultural interchange. You can find expressions of arts, commercial products, and other allusions to these cities while you visit Burnaby.

The Chinese city of Zhongshan in Guangdong

The friendship agreement between these cities was signed in 2011, as part of a plan that started in 2007 to strengthen the relationships between Asia and British Columbia. As a result, there is a committee that promotes the cultural interchange between the two places.

Zhongshan is the hometown of Sun Zhongshan, who is considered one of the founding fathers of the Republic of China. The city received this name after the former ruler passed away, to honor his memory. This is one of the few cities in China named after a person.


Kushiro, Hokkaido from Japan

Kushiro is a significant capital in Japan. The surroundings are full of mountains, rivers, and lakes, which resemble the ones in British Columbia. As an important capital, it has a rich cultural background to share with its sister cities. This was the first sister city of Burnaby, with their relationship starting in 1965.


Mesa, Arizona in the neighbor country of the United States

Mesa is a city located close to Phoenix. It is the third largest city in Arizona, with around half a million people living in it. The city has famous museums, a couple of archeological sites, and other places of historical significance.

The effectiveness of its sister cities cultural interchange is reflected on the long list of notable people from Mesa. They are remarkable particularly in sports like basketball, football, and baseball. There are also some musicians from Mesa worth remembering.


Hwaseong, Gyeonggi from Korea

Korea chose Hwaseong to be the sister city of Burnaby. They started their friendship relationships relatively recently, in 2010. The primary activity in Hwaseong is farming. They produce things like meat, herbs, honey melons, and other dairy products. The weather helps this type of activities significantly. Although some zones are affected by cold winds of the Yellow Sea, most of the area is suitable for growing plants. The city is famous for the construction in 2007 of the Universal Studios South Korea theme park that opened in 2016 as the largest theme park of this company around the world.